The Art of Art

The Art of Art In the rush to embrace the next trend, crown the next genius, and jump on the next bandwagon I think we forget that art is about you. Or rather You. Art is a lot of things, so many things that people get years of schooling just to tell others what is… Continue reading The Art of Art

Raising the Dead

I have a crazy idea. Now, as with all crazy ideas I can’t really affect this or foster it. I am the idea man, and that’s it. Sorry. I wish I could do more. But I think it’s an idea that’s worth putting out there.I am a horror fan, duh. Look at the books I… Continue reading Raising the Dead

Where We Are

It occurred to me a little bit ago that in the long time I have been writing I have put out or been in a LOT of publications. More than I consider a lot of the time. I made a list and it was pretty ridiculous. I thought I would share it, not out of… Continue reading Where We Are

An Interview With This Guy I recently did a pretty neat interview with the folks from the Creative Alliance here in Flint. The audio is a bit echoey due to some limitations in where they had to film but it turned out a lot better than I had thought. AND there's a nice interview with a local performer as… Continue reading An Interview With This Guy

Catching You Up

As I sit here and edit the first of two books I will have out this Spring I ponder that there are scads of people that are not really sure who I am or what I do. KNAVES!Now is a perfect time to catch up before the zombie novel and the last of the Meep… Continue reading Catching You Up

Booky Business

Hey there Lords and Ladies of Awesomeland. I am here to tell you that I am going to be part of a pretty rad event here in Flint and if you're into books and in the general sorta vicinity you should come out. For reals. I mean, where else can you pick up the WHOLE… Continue reading Booky Business

Free For All

I mentioned in my last post MY theories on why the Arts have been in a slow motion decline.  There's no science or research in my opinion outside of simply being in a small scene and seeing how things seem to be trending.  One of the issues I brought up was the idea of cost. … Continue reading Free For All