Getting Back Out There

For someone who doesn’t really like being around a lot of people I sorta miss events. I miss conventions. I miss putting them on and I miss vending them. I sorta miss going to them but not a ton because it just gives me angst about what I can’t afford to do or get. I… Continue reading Getting Back Out There

A Game Of Expectations

There are days, like today, where I am glad I am out of the convention game. For the five years that we did shows locally I loved them. I loved ALMOST the entire process. Almost. But I loved it. Now that it’s over I miss it, for sure, but I can live with missing it… Continue reading A Game Of Expectations

The Professionals – more rambling about conventions

The Professionals I have written a lot about conventions and I will keep writing more because I have been attending and involved in them since 1994. I am certainly not the biggest flag bearer for cons out there because I don’t attend that many, but I have vended, attended, and put one together for four… Continue reading The Professionals – more rambling about conventions