The Spooky Chris Podcast – Guerillas

In which I talk about the arts scene in Flint, Michigan and the time some zombies tried to protest an art show we were putting on. IT'S TRUE! Zombies descended on our little art show as a sort of silly flash mob to protest our use of the word 'guerilla' and because artists dared to… Continue reading The Spooky Chris Podcast – Guerillas

Fixing the Past – blog

Ya know, as a self-published author I can't say I haven't dipped into the pool of revisionist history, though I never got deeper than my ankles. I wanted to fix things, to clean things up, but as much as I have wanted to do more, I haven't. It's dangerous business, taking that time machine into… Continue reading Fixing the Past – blog

Burn Your Idols

         There’s something about humans that makes us need to have people to look up to and strive towards. It makes sense. From when we’re young through our entire lives we are looking for people that can show us the way. Looking for behaviors to pattern and actions to emulate. Life is confusing and trying… Continue reading Burn Your Idols

What Is “Bad"?

   There is particular sort of hubris that comes from anyone bold enough to decide they are qualified to tell people the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ but it grows ever more vast when it becomes more than just a sort of sign-post opinion and is presented as a firm entitlement to tell people their… Continue reading What Is “Bad"?

Self Serving Lane

   I have posted about this before but I think it bears repeating. If it's your passion - you find a way to make it happen. BUT...Sometimes YOU need to make it happen. With the advent of donation websites artists are suddenly becoming fancy panhandlers, shaking their paint brushes and camera bags for money for projects they want… Continue reading Self Serving Lane