The Boos of Summer Are Here!

Summer is the perfect time for a good chill. Check out one of these books when you're looking for a case of the creeps. All books are available on -

Are You Ready For The Summer? – blog

          As a movie geek there are certain holidays, or times of year that stand out for you and make you want to just gulp down every last film you can with that theme or setting. As a horror fan Halloween is a big one, obviously, but so too is the Christmas season among others.… Continue reading Are You Ready For The Summer? – blog

Those Long Summer Nights

There is something strange and sacred about the summers of our youth. They stand as the first deep breaths of freedom that we get as we grow and the memories we find there are always there, waiting to be rediscovered once the days get long and the air cools once the clock hits one in… Continue reading Those Long Summer Nights

Movie Shorts

Darn these movie shorts are riding up on me. Shark Night Good, ridiculous fun that is utterly brainless and knows it. Great crowd movie. Makes me feel like an 'uncut' version is waiting in the wings to be released on video. Hmm. Make sure to watch after the credits. WOW! 6.5 out of 10  … Continue reading Movie Shorts