Can I just say that this is the dumbest name for this movie? I feel like somewhere along the line it had a better name but, to dumb it down for world/American audiences it was changed to just…tell you what it’s about. Yes, this is about a hole that is SUPER DEEP but geez,… Continue reading THE SUPERDEEP – review

BAD KITTIES – review

Found Footage film review OK, confession, this is not a movie about kitties. I know that may be a disappointment but, well, I feel like I need to be honest, here. I mean, there's like, a cat in the movie, but this isn't a movie about cats. I am sorry. What we DO have here… Continue reading BAD KITTIES – review


Having made a couple movies with essentially no budget - the budget for the first one was the cost of the camera and that stuff, and any loose odds and ends. It wasn't really a budget. I used a friend's kids for actors, and their friends, and then some friends of friends and we did… Continue reading ATTACHED: PARANORMAL – review

COME TRUE – review

A couple of months ago I reviewed a film that was a sequel to a film I took far too much joy on torpedoing and in that sequel’s review I wanted to make it clear that I wasn’t the same person that wrote that first review. I am more than happy to talk mess on… Continue reading COME TRUE – review

Brain Dead – review

BRAIN DEAD - Review There are people that you come across in life that you get to know but then who just disappear as if they fell off the earth. Such is the case with some filmmakers who, after making a few films that get some notice they just sort of, well, disappear. Far too… Continue reading Brain Dead – review

Temptation – movie review

Wow am I over the vampire trend. Now, to be completely honest I have been ‘over’ it for a while, but jeepers, we are definitely in the doldrums of it now. I mean, we have all had to suffer through some terrible vampire films over the years, just as we suffered through bad slashers and… Continue reading Temptation – movie review

Feast 3 – movie review

Feast 3 Sometimes you get the funny feeling that you are being screwed with by a filmmaker. Sure, I mean, it isn’t that they always mean to screw with you but, dammit, they still do it. Case in point – Feast 3 – a film that neither needed nor really deserved a sequel, let alone… Continue reading Feast 3 – movie review