Despite the side eyed looks the films in the slasher subgenre get, these are some of the most fun, and most daring of the horror film genre. At their worst they are pure popcorn fun. Prudish fantasies full of sex and violence that are clumsily warning teens against the sins of flesh. At their highest… Continue reading Slashing

The Spooky Chris Podcast – BIRTHDAY EDITION – The Blair Witch Remake

In which I put on my birthday trousers and talk about the remake of Blair Witch Project that is being considered. For more podcasts, blogs, and all of my books head to music by THE SKELETON

Sassy Press Releases From BEYOND!

This is the press release and info behind our next Flint Horror Con show. SASSY! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 17, 2012   CONTACT: Publicist Darlan Erlandson (For interviews, bio, photos etc.)                         (517) 214-4592                  CASEY – 30 YEARS LATER! Coming to Flint, Michigan for ONE NIGHT ONLY - Cult horror… Continue reading Sassy Press Releases From BEYOND!

All About Tone

If there is one thing that has been driving me batty of late it's tone, and how many people don't understand how to use it. As I write this I am watching a ridiculous film called Satan's Little Helper which is utterly atrocious but what gets me is that this is supposed to be a… Continue reading All About Tone

Hatchet II – review

    It’s strange, this fascination we have right now with horror of the eighties. See, I lived through that era and have seen a lot of the movies and, for some reason, we really cling to the eighties slasher as an icon. On one hand I can appreciate it because that’s the era that gave… Continue reading Hatchet II – review

Going Too Far…

In my Tumblr blog I mentioned how some movies go too far, a subject I have mentioned here too, and I think it’s a subject worth exploring further. To see what I said there go here – Chris’s Tumbr. For everyone there is a line, a sort of psychological place where we will not cross.… Continue reading Going Too Far…

My Interview with Wolfman Mac

An Interview With Wolfman Mac of Wolfman Mac’s Nightmare Sinema Imagine a day when movies were not at your fingertips. A time when you couldn't easily rent something, or find it on cable. Remember a time when you had to find the movies that would help to form the person you were to become. I… Continue reading My Interview with Wolfman Mac