The Slippery Real

Boy, oh boy did that slippery slope we have all been navigating suddenly turn into a water flume ride.  WHOOSH! Down we go.  It was bad enough when we had to start contending with the new breed of gaslighters who did it for profit and power alone. Bad actors that weaponized misinformation in ways never… Continue reading The Slippery Real

Performance Art

It’s become a distant memory by now, something that’s nearing twenty years old but which still sticks with me.  I have never been the most confident of ‘performers’ when it comes to doing readings. I have said this in the past. I read very quickly and I’ll fumble around with words and the WORST is… Continue reading Performance Art

Use The Struggle

I think it’s safe to say that all of us struggle in some way or another, whether it be financially, emotionally, creatively, or in some other way. Struggling is part of life.  It’s how we react to the struggle, how we meet it, and how we learn to use it or overcome it that can… Continue reading Use The Struggle


As someone who has been in and around the arts for half of my life now, more than, I guess, I feel that I can safely say that creatives need support. They need folks that will stand by them, stand with them, and who will help broadcast what they are doing (if the people broadcasting… Continue reading DIY

Creation To Halt Destruction

It's hard to look at the news these days and not feel the cold of a shadow overtaking your heart. These are bleak times. But they are not end times. Not unless we allow them to be them. So. What do we do. We move forward. We survive. The thing is that sometimes that means… Continue reading Creation To Halt Destruction

The Ceaseless March of Machinery

         There are times when I would swear to you that I am nuts. A lot of times. OK, most of the time. There’s like a machine in me that will never turn off, no matter what I do. It’s the same machine everyone has in them, the one that drives us and inspires us… Continue reading The Ceaseless March of Machinery