The Spooky Chris Podcast – Guerillas

In which I talk about the arts scene in Flint, Michigan and the time some zombies tried to protest an art show we were putting on. IT'S TRUE! Zombies descended on our little art show as a sort of silly flash mob to protest our use of the word 'guerilla' and because artists dared to… Continue reading The Spooky Chris Podcast – Guerillas

Service Street Fair 2010

A couple weeks back I was able to take part in this year's Service Street Fair down in Detroit. This is a small fair that takes place just as Fall is beginning down a side street near Detroit's Farmer's Market. The street is home to a lot of artists and indie scene folks and both… Continue reading Service Street Fair 2010


    Of all the things I like to do artistically I think photography is the one I am most self conscious about. I mean, writing, it is what it is. I have been writing since I was a teenager and while you never like it when people dislike what you are doing, you also have… Continue reading Snapper

The Book Bizarre That Was…

I have been putting together and helping to put together events for a few years now and you never, ever get over the sheer shock and joy of seeing an event come together successfully. And sure, part of that is the pure ego of HA, WE DID IT but just as big is the fact… Continue reading The Book Bizarre That Was…

Guerilla Art Show/The Art of 625

I have lived at 625 in downtown Flint for nearly five years now and I don't know if I will ever know how deeply this place has affected me. It is here where I put together my second and third book, where I got published in Bare Bone and in Cthulhu Sex, and it is… Continue reading Guerilla Art Show/The Art of 625

As Summer Fades

This past weekend I was an artist at a two day art festival in Detroit and enjoyed the wonderful Fall weather. Ah, Fall, you read that right. Here in Michigan our seasons cannot mind their manners and they trip into each other's months. It's rather annoying, I have to say. So here are some pictures… Continue reading As Summer Fades