Dreams Without Dreamers

I talked in another blog about the fact that so many, too many, of us have had their dreams denied by systems they had nothing to do with putting in place and with barriers neither they nor their families helped to build.The world was against them because of their skin color, religion, sexuality, income level,… Continue reading Dreams Without Dreamers


When I was a kid I had a handful of things I wanted to do. I wanted to do the things that I thought would be fun and make my life happy. It doesn’t mean I COULD do those things, but I wanted to. The ceiling started pushing down on me though in 9th grade… Continue reading Through

Inspirations, Aspirations, and The Big Dumb But

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a cartoonist. I am sure that in the annals of this nonsensical blog I have talked about that to some degree. I loved drawing, all over the place, but I really loved drawing weird faces. The problem there was that I didn’t draw bodies, or scenes,… Continue reading Inspirations, Aspirations, and The Big Dumb But

The Distance of Dreams

If you are lucky enough to have a dream in life you realize that eventually you must let that dream go. It doesn’t mean that you failed or that the dream failed but that you must move forward from that dream. The hope is that you got to live it, to some degree, and can… Continue reading The Distance of Dreams

That One Thing

Most of us have that one thing. That one thing that they want out of life more than anything else in the world. For some of us we want to travel. For others they want love. For other still it’s money, or maybe fame, or just to be surrounded by awesome people. For all of… Continue reading That One Thing

Tips Off The Top

As far as I have had my blogs, and we’re talking a lot of time now, a lot of years, since nearly 2000 so that’s a lot of years and a lot of rambling and as much as I may like to think I have nothing but pearls of wisdom and deep thoughts to offer… Continue reading Tips Off The Top

Own Your Dream

There is a scary trend that seems to be creeping into the Arts, and into life in general and that is the Get Rich Quick mentality of dreams.  There is a sense that one's dream is SO important that others should want to make it come true and that it should supersede the dreams of… Continue reading Own Your Dream

Chasing The Dream

Dreams are tricky little thin. It isn't that they are slick, or slippery so much as they are like the air around us - we cannot see them but without them we die. Sure, the death of a dream won't necessarily kill us, not the day to day us, but it kills a vital part… Continue reading Chasing The Dream