What Do You Know? – blog

Are you like me and really, really feel like parents that make a scene about what their kids are learning should have to pass some sort of competency test before the matter moves forward? Am I crazy? Naw. I doubt it. Now, I am sure that through the ages there have been parents who have… Continue reading What Do You Know? – blog

Those Long Summer Nights

There is something strange and sacred about the summers of our youth. They stand as the first deep breaths of freedom that we get as we grow and the memories we find there are always there, waiting to be rediscovered once the days get long and the air cools once the clock hits one in… Continue reading Those Long Summer Nights

Fairy Tales and Growing Up

    We adults are a funny lot, ya know? As kids all we want is to grow up to be able to do whatever the heck it is that we want to do, dreaming of that distant day when we can be our own bosses yet, as soon as we are grown up, we act… Continue reading Fairy Tales and Growing Up